Is it possible to remove guest access


I’m using a self-hosted Gitlab CE server for personal projects. I would like to make it available online but I would like to restrict access to only registered users (meaning that guests are required to sign up, i.e. they cannot see the users public projects). Is that possible?


Hi Darolt,

This can be done by setting the visibility level for each project to Internal. This requires users to be logged in to view the project - once logged in they will have guest permissions on the repository.

You can also restrict the use of the public visibility level to ensure new projects cannot be made public by non admin users. Relevant doc here: Restricting the use of public or internal projects.

Hope this helps!

Hi @calebw,

Thank you for you reply. However what I would like to do is one step further than that. For instance, any guest can go to a user homepage and see some information about that user (like name and etc). I would like to block that, meaning that guest (non-register users) cannot see anything but the sign in/sign up page. Is that possible?

Hey @darolt,

Locking non-registered users down exclusively to the sign up page isn’t a setting that’s currently available. If you feel that this is something that should be implemented, I encourage you to open up a new feature proposal to start the conversation.

If you plan on having the sign-up page open to the public, then this information would still be easily available after a quick sign-up. I’d recommend encouraging users to set their profile to private if you are concerned about any personal information being shown there. From our user account doc, this will hide the following information:

  • Atom feed
  • Date when account is created
  • Activity tab
  • Groups tab
  • Contributed projects tab
  • Personal projects tab
  • Starred projects tab
  • Snippets tab