Is it possible to show tag in Slack message

We have GitLab CI/CD set up with Slack integration and everything is working fine.

My question is, is it possible to include the tag in the comment posted to slack for production deploys is if there is one?

Right now we get the hash of the commit tagged but essentially the content of the slack message is identical to the staging deploy — the only difference is the prod deploy is a tag and the staging deploy is the master branch without a tag yet.

If so, where would I change it?

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Hi @gdhoffman

If you are using the built-in Slack notifications integration, I don’t think there’s any way to change it, except to change the configuration options on the Settings → Integrations → Slack notifications page. You can get the integration to send a Slack message when a tag is pushed, but there’s no way to change the individual messages.

Your other option would be to use the Slack and GitLab APIs to send your own messages. We have a few little services that do this, and it’s not especially difficult, but it might be a bit more work than you are looking for, in this case.

Thanks @snim2,
I am not seeing that option. Settings? Like repository settings? I guess I am not an owner/admin :sleepy:

I guess you’ll have to ask the repo owner, sorry!