Is it possible to transfer projects and groups from 10.8.7 EE to new server which has gitlab 15.4.6 installed

Hello team,

Instead of incremental upgrades from 10.8.7 to 15.4.6. can we install 15.4.6 EE on new instance and migrate the projects and group from gitlab 10.8.7 version.


I think you’re out of luck with both officially supported and documented transfer options (Migrate GitLab groups and projects by using direct transfer | GitLab and Migrate projects and groups by using file exports | GitLab)

My recommendation is that you bite the bullet and go through the official upgrade process for GitLab and then possibly move GitLab to a new instance. GitLab offers great documentation and tooling on this (, Upgrade GitLab | GitLab). One thing that is admittedly trickier is to upgrade the underlying Linux distribution, which I assume to be also old and possibly not supported anymore. For that, there are various extended support options that you might consider (for Debian there is Freexian for example). I can tell you from experience, while being a long and repetitive process, if the right care is taken, the right planning is done, and the steps are followed as recommended, you will be successful even if starting from a version as old as 10.x. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for your recommendation.

Our current gitlab 10.8.7 EE production is hosted on RHEL 7.9 server in two servers. I can upgrade in the same existing system right till I reach 15.4.6. Then later at some point. I can migrate to RHEL 8 or 9.

Please clarify.