Is it possible to trigger a Jenkins build using gitlab web hook without install any Jenkins plugin?

We have a gitlab server running 7.14.0 and a Jenkins server with Active Directory authentication and Matrix-based security.
We have set up that it’s possible to download from gitlab to Jenkins. And it’s also possible to trigger jenkins build from gitlab server with URL and credentials with command “curl http://username:password@jenkins_server:8080/job/job_name/build?”.
My question is when I add this URL to the web hook URL. It doesn’t trigger the Jenkins build. There is no error showed in production.log and I could see in sideiq.log that it fired a ProjectWebHookWorker. Is it supposed to work? Or a gitlab plugin is necessary?

Yes it works without any gitlab plugin :slight_smile: !
The previous problem was there was a proxy set up that stopped the http request to send to Jenkins.

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