Is it save to change name and username for service accounts?

Problem to solve

We are using a self hosted Gitlab 16.7.7 and I created a “Service Account” user via the API. As you can’t specify a name or username on creation, I’m wondering if it is save to change the name and username via the Web-UI (

I know you can specify a name and username in the 16.10 version, but I can’t upgrade at the moment and the question remains, if I can alter the name and username after the creation.

I don’t want to mess around with the account, because I don’t know if this breaks this account and status as a service (non billable) account.



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It was safe to rename on my instance.

Also, you can specify both name and username in the api call with --data “name=foo” --data “username=bar” attributes Groups API | GitLab