Is the "console view" of the job log somehow filtered / truncated?


I’m using self-hosted GitLab v14.1.2 (at my company).

I noticed that the “console view” of the job log (https://gitlab/namespace/project/-/jobs/jobid) is incomplete, as opposed to the raw job log https://gitlab/namespace/project/-/jobs/jobid/raw). Some parts are missing. In case it’s relevant, it’s a powershell script (which has several “output streams”, not sure if it’s related to that).

I haven’t found anything in the documentation, but is the output somehow filtered, or truncated?

I also took a look at the network requests with the browser developer tools, the call to https://gitlab/namespace/project/-/jobs/jobid/trace.json?state= already omits the relevant output.

Is this behavior configurable? Thanks in advance!