Is there a channel available to report documentation flaws?

I very much like the GitLab documentation. It’s very easy to survey and to grasp. I think it’s, to some regard, way better than the GitHub documentation.

However, when reading the documentation, I quite often find little ambiguities and obstrusities. This is a normal situation, happening to everyone who has ever written a documentation.

For example, in the documentation for a .gitlab-ci.yml file’s dependencies it reads:

Additional details:

  • The job status does not matter. If a job fails or it’s a manual job that isn’t triggered, no error occurs.

“The job status does not matter” … What job status? The source or the destination job status? To what regard should it matter?

I’d like to poke these little documentation flaws to someone who is able to answer these questions and update the documentation accordingly.

Currently, I cannot find a dedicated issue tracker for documentation. Is there a channel available to report documentation flaws and get these flaws fixed in time?

Hi @SetTrend :wave:

All documentation on comes from the / GitLab · GitLab repository. The content you linked comes from here: doc/ci/yaml/ · master · / GitLab · GitLab

Since our documentation is part of our codebase, we don’t use a separate issue tracker for documentation.

To open an issue regarding documentation deficiencies or improvements like this, please use the Documentation issue template and open an issue on the gitlab-org/gitlab issue tracker:

You are also welcome to propose documentation changes/improvements in a merge request without opening an issue first.

Additional details, tips, and processes for contributing to documentation can be found here:

Thanks for your interest in contributing to GitLab! Let us know if you have any questions.