Is there a way to bypass the failed CI/CD pipeline to merge regardless of it?


I did set up a CI/CD pipeline in an on-premises GitLab CE. The repository has two branches:

  • master branch
  • review branch

The master branch is protected: Only maintainers can push a commit or accept a merge request. The review branch is just protected regarding merge requests. Any developer can commit to it. A developer shall open a merge request from review branch to master branch. Each commit and merge request is checked by the CI/CD pipeline.

I created a merge request which should not be mergeable as the code quality is too bad on purpose. GitLab CE shows this warning:

You can merge this merge request manually using the command line

Does this last sentence of the warning mean that you can circumvent/bypass the CI/CD pipeline and merge the request by using a Git client, although the pipeline failed? I wasn’t able to answer this question by searching for other questions like this and by reading the online documentation.

Thank you for your help!

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It does mean you could use a Git client to manually merge it. That said, if you are using a pipeline that contains non-required jobs, perhaps an easier method that still allows you to use the UI would be utilize the allow failure option in the non-required jobs.

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Hi @jcolyer! First of all, thank you for your very quick reply! I appreciate it.

The pipeline doesn’t contain non-required jobs: There’s two stages with each two and one job and all of these (in total 3) jobs are required to run successfully.

In my understanding this means a pipeline which has required jobs can never be circumvented/bypassed by using a third party client, the Gitlab API or the UI, right?

I will check out manual jobs as it sounds from the docs that they will improve the pipeline I did create.

Thank you and stay healthy :slight_smile: !