Is there a way to disable the GitLab Managed Terraform State banner?


I administer a GitLab self-hosted instance (core/free edition) and have enabled GitLab’s Terraform state support for users to use if they wish.

I think because of this, GitLab presents a large (and in my view annoying) banner on the homepage of every product that is using Terraform, recommending users enable this remote state support.

Can these banners be disabled? I’ve had various users find them confusing and not sure what to do, and worse, people thinking they have gone to the wrong place.

I can understand recommending this feature to users, but perhaps it would be better to only show this hint when viewing an actual Terraform file, or in the project’s settings, rather than on the home page, above all other content.

I think this is similar to the auto-devops banner which I can disable using Feature.get(:auto_devops_banner_disabled).enable from the GitLab rails console. Is there an equivalent setting I can configure for these banners too?

For reference this banner says:

Using Terraform? Try the GitLab Managed Terraform State

The GitLab managed Terraform state backend can store your Terraform state easily and securely, and spares you from setting up additional remote resources. Its features include: versioning, encryption of the state file both in transit and at rest, locking, and remote Terraform plan/apply execution.

Learn more about GitLab’s Backend State

And looks like this:


Looking into this a bit more myself I’ve seen there are recent issues in the GL issue tracker asking the same thing:

So hopefully this gets addressed in one of those issues.

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