Is there a way to look at my site as built via a testing/staging branch?

I know I can add a test job to .gitlab-ci.yml for branches other than master. But is there actually a way to look at the built test version of the website from a feature branch, if I don’t have other environments than GitLab Pages set up, such as S3? In other words, I’m wondering whether I can have a staging/review site within GitLab Pages.
(I’m using GitLab Pages with Jekyll.)

Thanks a lot in advance!

Is the Review Apps what you’re looking for?

Hey @gregorip,
it might be! I’m not sure if I understand how the set-up works, though. E.g., what point 1. “Set up the infrastructure to host and deploy the Review Apps” means. But I will look into it.
Anyway, thanks!

I don’t know how GitLab Pages work because I’ve never used it since I have my own hosting, but as long as you can deploy your repo to it, you should be able to take advantage of the Review Apps feature of GitLab.

So let’s say you have the following environments: - production environment - dev environment - review environment

Whenever you push a commit to the remote branch (without merging to master), the branch will have it’s own place for your testers to test.

Let’s say you have a branch called 123-new-awesome-feature. When you push code into the remote branch, you can set it up to go to:

Your testers can review the changes there and approve of it before you go and merge it to master.