Is there a way to prevent pipeline execution on comits to merge requests?

is there a way to prevent gitlab from executing pipelines upon commits to merge requests?

we have a pipeline (in jenkins) that’s triggered each time a push to a merge request branch is done, when it finishes it triggeres a merge in gitlab. we only want the merge to happen upon hitting the approve button
is that possible?


There is a similar issue here - have you tried it out?

Could you share example of your existing pipeline configuration here so we can help you further?

the pipeline is actually in jenkins, not in git-lab, and i want it to happen before the merge occurs not after
i’m using a git-lab community.
currently when i create a merge requests in git-lab it automatically starts a jenkins build and pipeline
or it starts a build on any commit to the merge request branch .
i want it to start a build (on jenkiins) only when i click the approve button, than the build would start the unit tests

Okay. So I’m confused here - does Gitlab trigger a Jenkins task, or Jenkins itself acts upon commit?

  • If GitLab is triggering, then you need to adjust the configuration in GitLab. And to make it easier, please paste your current configuration. Otherwise it’s hard to help.
  • if Jenkins does everything, then you should rather seek help on Jenkins forum or other sources. This forum is mainly for GitLab Community, so if you don’t use GitLab pipelines, we probably cannot help you.