Is there a way to skip deploy if only tests changed?


Our .gitlab-ci.yml file has a deploy to prod triggered by a MR from the develop branch to the main branch.

Is there a way to skip the deploy to prod if only tests changed? Incidentally, our tests are not run on the runner, we run them locally.

I’m not sure I follow. Can you share an example of the current configuration?

if only tests changed

Tests were edited/updated in the source code? rules:changes could be an option to experiment with.

I guess another way of wording it would be… Don’t deploy to prod if the MR only includes non-essential changes like changes to the, or changes to the unit tests. Though now, that I think about it, this may not be achievable. It may be better to just make deploys to prod manual…

Either rules:changes or rules:changes:compare_to. You can also use variables in rules:changes to create more dynamic rules.

    - echo "Deploying to prod"
        - backend/**/*
        - frontend/**/*

If rules are not sufficient, you can go one step further, and build the deployment gate into the job script itself, e.g. by getting a diff of the changed files, and determine if there are changes that warrant the deployment trigger. Or call exit 1 to signal skipping the deployment, but this needs allow_failure: true on the job. Alternatively, just log the skip and run exit 0. CI/CD pipeline - get list of changed files - #16 by anarcat has a few examples in the discussion.