Is there an option to present content on a package page in a package registry?

Many npm repos, like, provide an option to publish the content for package file along with the package, for the good reasons:

To help others find your packages on npm and have a good experience using your code in their projects, we recommend including a README file in your package directory. Your README file may include directions for installing, configuring, and using the code in your package, as well as any other information a user may find helpful. The README file will be shown on the package page.

An npm package README file must be in the root-level directory of the package.

(ref: About package README files | npm Docs).

Is there a similar option available in GitLab? I’m adding here a proposal on how it might look like:

Thanks, Marek

Hi, that sounds like a great idea. I’ve found a feature proposal at Package Registry: If a package contains a file, display it in the detail view. (#225506) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab - please add your use case as a comment, and upvote - and maybe look into the code to contribute :slight_smile:

Thanks @dnsmichi, will do!

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