Is there any way to create a fleet of managed runners for multiple servers that would use the shell executor?

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Describe your question in as much detail as possible: Would like to have 2-3 servers that would operate testing for one runner label. This would allow me to take a single server offline for re-installs & upgrades while allowing pipeline steps to continue operations on the remaining down-rev’d servers.

Normal operation of the fleet of server hosts would be that Gitlab would round-robin the Jobs to the 2-3 servers across multiple projects. When it is time for upgrades or new installs, one server at a time would be taken out of the available pool for its upgrade/install activities. The step in the pipelines might see more queueing of Jobs to the remaining 2 or the remaining 1 server, but actual downtime can be minimized to perhaps an hour rather than multiple hours.

It looks like an ability to specify tags with OR logic would come close to meeting this request as discussed here: Support for boolean OR runner tags specification in .gitlab-ci.yml (#20443) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

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