Is this possible. Host muliple pages within a repo


I want to host my Odin project solutions.
What I now have is this
One repo with at this moment 1 directory named odin_on_rails
within it there are 3 directories named javascript, ruby and rails
within each are multiple directories which are the solutions.

Now I want to show some solutions in different directories,

Can this be done or can I better make seperate repos for every solution, which I do not like because then I have some 30 - 40 small projects


To clarify, are you asking if you can add more directories to the repo? You can add as many directories to the repo as you would like. Although I’m sure there is a technical limit somewhere, it’s unlikely that you will run into an issue.

I know that
but is it possible to show pages which are on multiple directories.
So for example I would lilke to show/display directory1/lesson1 and directory3/lesson4

So something like github pages but then for multiple pages on multiple directories