Issue description history

I recently wanted to view the history of the description of an issue, but couldn’t find the option to view it.
After some research, i found the issues concerning this features: Issue, Issue duplicate, and also an Issue that it was put into premium where it did not belong. Under Pricing, I did not find a feature which name corresponded to what I’m looking for. Furthermore, 19$/user/month for feature that enables traceability, where traceability is kind of the whole point in git (…and therefore a basic feature in my eyes), seems pretty rough.

So the question is: Am I missing how to use this feature, is it nonexistent or do I have to pay for it?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, I would expect it comes under this:

Track Description Changes

View the full history of description updates in issues, merge requests and epics.

and are in Premium and Ultimate. From the issue you linked, maybe it did get put in Starter, but recently Gitlab re-vamped and simplified the subscriptions. I expect a lot of what was in Starter went to Premium, hence why you don’t see it in Free.