Issue Gitlab auto submit MR back to Source Branch

Dear everyone,

I’m administrating Hosted Gitlab Server and I am facing an unknown issue when creating a new Gitlab Merge Request. Let’s I describe issued workflow for you :slight_smile:

1. Basic information
GitLab Enterprise Edition 11.7.5-ee

Project X
Branch A

  • file demo.txt
    Branch B
  • file demo.txt

2. Simulate situation
I will describe simple action to show the problem.
Step 1: on project X, I edited file ‘demo.txt’ in both branch ‘Branch A’ and ‘Brach B’ with different content.
Step 2: I created a Merge Request with source is ‘Branch A’ and target is ‘Branch B’.

  • It will appear ‘conflict’ , so I resolve conflict online on Gitlab Web Admin by choosing the side I will keep content of file.
  • When I submit the resolving on Gitlab Web Admin, (not yet Accept Merge Request). Gitlab auto create a merge request with source is ‘Branch B’ and target is ‘Branch A’ (MR back) and auto submit to Branch A.
  • It update the content file in ‘Branch A’ with my surprising .

3. Video demo action case

It’s my pleasure to get your help and receive some advises from you ASAP.

Best regards.

The same issue happened for me. I’d really like to understand why this happens.