Issue links in commit views don't link to the JIRA issue - is it a config issue?

We’re using GitLab Community Edition and have GitLab configured to comment on issues mentioned in commits.

This works and adds the comment which has a link to the committer and the commit. When I browse to that commit I see that GitLab has noticed the Issue Ids in the commit message and created links.

However, while I expect the link to be something like “https://jira/browse/ISSUE-1234” or (less ideal) “https://jira/projects/ISSUE/issues/ISSUE-1234”.

It is, in fact, just “https://jira/projects/ISSUE/issues” (the list of all issues in the project), which is the value I configured the ‘Issues URL’ field with in the JIRA Service config.

Does GitLab support linking back to the issue in displayed issue comments? Do I have a config issue?