Issue with subdomain and namecheap

Hello, im trying to set up a subdomain for my domain, i have managed to get the main domain to work using:

TXT record: _gitlab-pages-verification-code,  gitlab-pages-verification-code= ...
A record: @,
CMAE record: www, (also worked with

now im trying to add another subdomain with gitlab pages from another repository

i went to pages → new domain and created one: and i tried adding:

TXT record: ,  gitlab-pages-verification-code= ... 
CMAE record: apptest,

but its not working, i cant verify the domain, i also tried countless number of time with different configuration nothing worked for the subdomain


can you share the actual domain so I can check the DNS entries?

The first entry uses A record and CNAME. I don’t think you need the CNAME record. Instead, use the A record for the apptest entry in the second example.

TXT record: ,  gitlab-pages-verification-code= ... 
A record: apptest,

Depending on the domain zone’s TTL, it may take a while until active.