Jira integration deletes default MR description template


I have a default MR description template under “.gitlab/merge_request_templates/default.md”.

When I create a branch with a name that is not associated with a jira issue (i.e. not something like PROJ-123), GitLab uses the default template in the merge request description.

However, if the branch name is something like PROJ-123, which is associated with a Jira issue, then GitLab does not use the default template. Instead, it automatically makes the merge request description something like “Closes PROJ-123”.

I’d expect GitLab to use the default merge request template for all branches, whether it is associated with a Jira issue, or not.

Visual explanation:

When I create an MR for the branch named “elasticsearch-version-upgrade”, default template is automatically picked.

When I create an MR for the branch named “PROJ-3268”, default template is not automatically picked.

default template is in the dropdown list but it is not automatically picked. I would like to make this automatically picked.


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I’m having the same issue. I create merge requests using git push options and always need to edit the merge request afterwards because of the wrong description.

Would love to see an option to disable this. These auto generated two words should not have priority over my templates.


same issue with the branch name. Disabling the Jira integration solves the issue, but then no other linkings are working. Please add an option to disable the “Closes XYZ-123” description

Any update on it or any workaround ?