Job exiting with error code 1

Hi !

My problem this time is with one job, actually two jobs. I am trying to run the job to see if I can deploy an application, but when it reaches a certain part of the execution, it ends and exits with error code 1. Below I will place the job execution log and the .gitlab -ci.yml that I’m using.

Job execution log


Some additional information: I am using gitlab and its respective runner as containers for the docker and the OS they are running is CentOS 8.

Hi, @SezinandoVieira.

The default job settings in your .gitlab-ci.yml doesn’t have an image entry, so GitLab is using docker:latest as a default.

As you might have noticed, this is an Alpine-based distribution. The name of the package is nodejs. If you replace

apk add node


apk add nodejs

it should work. As a side-note, I don’t understand why you need node:latest as a service. This is used if your job container needs to talk to another container as a service. If the change above works, I suggest removing it to see if it still works. It will speed-up your build.

Good luck!

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