Jump to next unresolved Thread in Diff not working

In Merge Requests when anyone of our team is in the tab “Differences” and clicks on “Jump to next unresolved thread” it does not work reliably. It works for the first two threads and on the third one it jumps to the correct line but does not display the thread. When I click the button a fourth time it jumps again to first thread although there are more unresolved threads.

When we are in the tab “Overview” the jumping from thread to thread works fine.

If you can reproduce this reliably, it may be a bug. If you search through GitLab issues it seems that a few similar bugs have been raised. These will be more likely to be resolved quickly if they are upvoted by end-users, so if you see something relevant to you please do upvote and maybe leave a comment.

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Thank you!
So I openend my issues in the wrong place.
Good to know! Thanks again!