Junit Test results could not be loaded in pipeline view - Error: Head report parsing error: JUnit XML parsing failed: 33879:59828: FATAL: CData section too big found

JUnit tests results could not be parsed due to big xml files

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Normally gitlab will show the test results in pipelines when using junit 5 like here:

In another project we have the problem that the junit output xml file cannot be parsed. Following error message occurs.

We have more than 500 tests executed in the pipeline.

In our junit test setup, we will trace the system out and junit will create a system-out section in the junit test xml files. The system-out tag contains a lot of stuff as CDATA section, so we have big xml files (sometimes more than 2-3MB as one file). This output helps when test fail to debug the problem.

It is possible to tweak the parsing?

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@jgoldhammer - Welcome to the forum and thanks for the post!

There’s an open issue but it’s not something currently scheduled to be changed and no workarounds are currently known beyond dropping that data from the report uploaded for parsing. Upvotes are appreciated on the issue!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing