Large Pack Files in Repo

New to Gitlab and recently just took it over. We have an older version 8.14.x that is being upgraded to the latest version 11.5.x. Right now the repo is very hard to manage because its 24GB in size. Git Pulls are very slow and make commits / merge requests painful. This is only a puppet repo so it should be under a 2gb in size total.

How can I compact these .pack files located in .git/objects/pack on the master repo? There are several large files in there but when I go a git pull it creates one large pack file 24GB.

I’ve been reading about running BFG cleaner to clean things up but wanted to get some thoughts before I do that. Will BFG really help ? Do I need to clone /pull a fresh copy of the repo down and compact the copy then merge the changes to master? We dont have any branches hanging out there we remove source branches on the merges. Once its clean everyone would have to delete their local copy and pull a fresh one down. Any help is great.