LDAP configuration question with omnibus cookbook installation

I am new to CHEF and gitlab so excuse me if these questions seem pretty basic …

I’m look at configuring the LDAP setting on a new installation. I used the CHEF ominbus cookbook for the installation. It seems like I have to get the final setting in the file:


this file says to:

# This file is managed by gitlab-ctl. Manual changes will be
# erased! To change the contents below, edit /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

and run sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure.

I think that the file /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rd is created from a template and updated when the chef-client runs. It also looks like the gitlab-ctl reconfigure command runs the chef client. How do i get the settings in teh /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file in order to make sure they are propagated correctly and not trashed when the chef-client runs.