Legacy Interface

Hello there, so recently I have noticed there has been an update/change to the default website interface in 16.6 (Esp. in regards to the introduction of a new sidebar), and I was wondering whether/if there is any way to revert the UI back to its legacy state. Have scoured endlessly through the account and user preferences page(s) with little success.

Of course, the only preference(s) of note are for colour highlighting or sidebar theme, nothing at all to do with the reintroduction of the earlier design.

So I remain unsure whether or not this alteration was intentional? In the blog post it hints to these changes, but doesn’t outright state/mention the old interface becoming deprecated. And yeah I know its a rather minor gripe; However I remain of the stance that forced change isn’t always a net positive in every single use-case. Aappreciate any help regarding this, thanks again :grinning:.


No, it was removed from Gitlab 16.6.0 version. It is definitely mentioned somewhere about it being deprecated in this version as I have read it a while back.

Unfortunately we are stuck with it. The new interface takes a while to get used to, but it’s OK and not too bad. Worse for me was when Gitlab forced the expiry date on access tokens without leaving me with a choice to decide if I want a token longer than 1 year or not.

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They asked for comments, told it was horrible, swore blind that forcing people to use it when they “force switched” users meant that people loved it, and then ignored everything anyone said about it being horrible. I don’t want the slow stupid search box nonsense. I don’t need everything dumbed down and stuff hidden from view. That’s what I have nice big dual monitors for.

Can’t be doing with that level of head stuck in sandness. Now nagging me to move to 16.6 for ‘my security’ where they forcibly remove the interface choice, and it ain’t happening.

I’ll get my security by moving elsewhere for a nice cup of tea.