LFS Badge is not visible on file

After activating LFS with procedure in GitLab Git Large File Storage (LFS) Administration | GitLab
and creating a lfs file with procedure Git Large File Storage (LFS) | GitLab
I can’t see the ‘LFS’ badge when viewing files list in GUI.

does anyone have an idea what could I have missed to make the file marked as LFS ?
thks in advance.

Did you create and commit a .gitattributes file?

git add .gitattributes
git commit -am "Added .gitattributes to capture LFS tracking"
git push origin main

I’ve followed those steps previously, and mine shows up with an LFS bubble against the files.

tks for answering.

Yes , I did that, but .iso file is not tracked as lfs

in fact, itis working for one repository by not for the other with the same files.
so, there is may be a difference in the repos configuration.

in fact, badge is not showned if the file is empty.
I was testing with zero file size, which is not good.