LFTP only working on master branch?

Hey guys-
I have a simple CI that uploads my jar to an ftp server. It works perfectly on my master branch but when i try to run CI on my ‘experimental’ branch it just gets stuck at the
“lftp -e “set sftp:auto-confirm yes; mirror -Rv target/plugins/ /plugins/; bye” -u $FTP_USERNAME,$FTP_PASSWORD $HOST” command. It doesn’t crash or give an error, just gets stuck and doesn’t move any further.
Is this a bug?

Hi Lickymoo, please try to use this format.

 `  - lftp -d -e "open $FTP_HOST; user $FTP_USERNAME $FTP_PASSWORD; mirror -X .* -X .*/ --reverse --verbose --delete plugins/ /dwijerathna/web-site-folder/wp-content/plugins; bye"`

$FTP_PASSWORD should declared on Settings/CI/CD > Variables section


You can add them manually .