Limit users who can approve a Request Access to a project


Is there a way to limit who can approve requests to join or access a project?
It looks like GitLab randomly picks a maximum of 10 users with Developer or Master role on the project where it sends the request.

Here is a sample of the message I received, I am a Master on this project, on a Request Access.
Please note that Ariel Test is a regular user which is not a member of the project.

From: mailer
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2018 11:28 AM
To: Ariel Coloma
Subject: Request to join the gitlab / packages project

Ariel Test requested Developer access to the gitlab / packages project.


try to check this:

In the group settings look for the following menu:
“settings/General” and uncheck to the “Allow users to request access” option

Thanks ariel.barria.
We still want users to have the option to Request Access.
What we need is to designate specific Masters or Developers on the project to approve the request from Regular Users to join and not all Masters or Developers on that said project have that privilege to approve a request.