Linking to specific latest artifact (not downloading)


Is there any way to browse to a specific latest artifact? I referred to this page:

It explains how to download a specific latest artifact and how to browse all latest artifacts for a job, but not how to browse to a specific latest artifact. Eg I have a “allcoverage.html” . If I go to the browse page I am able to view this html file in a new browser window. I want to add a link to the latest “allcoverage.html” produced by the CI in my README (that is, not for the user to download the file but to just open it in another tab as you can from the Browse page). I’ve tried a few different url permutations using the aforementioned page as guidance but haven’t had any luck yet. Is this possible?


I think the last example of the current doc is the key:

If you already got the download url, you basically just have to write file instead of raw when constructing the URL.
This opens the artifact in the “gitlab artifact browser”.