List all repositories on GitLab server

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We have started using GitLab recently, We have some 4000 users as of now and using gitlab community edition. Everyday so many users and leads are creating projects (repositories) and groups.

Question: If a new user wants to request an access to any of projects or groups then he needs to know available list of all repositories on the server. This particular situation arises according to our workflow. Is there a way to list all types of available repositories on gitlab server? or is there any way a administrator can share this information across the organization to keep users let know all the time.

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We have a similar problem. Unless you make all of the project “public” there is no easy way of searching for the project that you would like to access to - read or write. My solution so far has been to introduce RDF project information files. Every project that is published has been requested to publish an RDF in the root of their project.

My suggestion has been to use DOAP (RDF extension of a sort) which is a project definition schema. I now use a Java API client to run through all projects (token has full admin rights) and read this DOAP file. On the front end of this is a simple javascript website that allows searchability and access to the project information - even though the user may not have access to the project itself yet. A couple of neat links and you can create ‘request for access’, etc…

You can use whatever format you want to do this, DOAP was just easier for me since it was already defined.