Livestream recording: Accelerate your development with GitLab and AI (3 hours live programming)

Watch the three-hour livestream recording with table of content navigation:

Exercises and solutions in Developer Advocacy at GitLab / use-cases / AI / AI Workshops / Eddie Jaoude - Accelerate your development with GitLab and AI / Getting Started Exercises · GitLab


  1. Live development of a new Python script to fetch all issue comment author names from the GitLab API, generated and refined with Duo Code Suggestions, just by using code comments. - timestamp
  2. Duo Chat can explain regular expressions, and Duo Code Suggestions can generate regex. - timestamp
  3. Duo Chat /explain can also explain vulnerabilities (with its knowledge, not using a SAST scanner). - timestamp
  4. Duo Chat /refactor prompt can be used to migrate from one programming language to another (Perl to Python, C to Rust, etc.). - timestamp
  5. The adoption journey for AI, and the DevSecOps workflows - timestamp
  6. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with the GitLab docs and Duo Chat was well understood by the audience, keeping the prompt “up to date”. - timestamp