Lot of virtual network cards been created (solved)

So, I have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS edition, with VestaCP (which install Ngnix (as proxy), apache2, mysql ).
Then I install redmine separately.
Then I install GitLab CE, which install Docker for runner.

At time I install gitlab I was not aware of docker and I mostly go through installation guide from official site and follow them exactly. For over 18months all is working fine on my server. Never had a problem with any of above listed.

But VestaCP shows Lot of Network cards, As of now it shows 1800 network cards one is named docker, other is eth0 (it is a VPS machine). but all other are named as “vethxxxxxxxx” ex : veth0055222

I believe docker or gitlab is creating these instance for runner run, but was unable to delete them ( I had over 3500 pipeline runs ), so it is not for every run of runner. But I am not sure where I can start looking at it. my skills with server are medicore and need some guide. I am not even sure it is docker or gitlab or just misconfigured server from above of anything. But my other server don’t have this problem as they don’t have docker or gitlab, so I am assuming it is one of those only.


Okay, I got some local server admin to look and he immediately find out that VestaCP runs a per minute cron for it’s reporting and if a runner runs during this time it create a virtual network (for docker) and vesta capture that card, and keep it in storage for reporting. even though the docker close that network card, vesta still keep it in storage for faster reporting and that cause so many card been shown in their report.

Sorry for false reporting.