Make changes without clicking the “edit” button

Problem to solve

I filled my first issue in GitLab.

I didn’t know it was possible to make changes without clicking the “edit” button.
So I made a mess. (I hope I cleaned correctly.)

Is it possible to disable this feature please ?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new issue, whose Description contains a list.
  2. When it is created, and you are able to click on the “edit” button, don’t click, instead move the mouse on the bullet of an item of the list.
  3. The mouse should show an hand. Then, drag&drop it.

It should make a mess.


I’m a GNOME user.

I didn’t still created an issue here, so I can’t test it.

Helpful resources

I already created an issue there.
I would like to know if what I consider as a bug is a wanted feature, before create one here. :slight_smile: is owned by the Gnome project, they run their own installation of Gitlab. Nobody can help you here with your problem. You will have to ask the Gnome project in relation to permissions etc.

Generally though if someone opens an issue they have the rights to edit their own posts to fix them. This is normal. So I’m not really sure what your problem is anyway. The editing tools allow you to format the posts, so I guess it just means you need to learn how to use it properly?

I already created an issue there, but it was replied that I had to report it here instead.

Is there a way to create a fake issue on SaaS without bothering anyone, to check whether I have the same problem here?

Is it right I’m able to make changes without clicking the “edit” button?

In relation to the ordering of the bullet points, yes, that is possible. You don’t even need to hover over the edit button. You cannot do that for normal text though, so it’s related to the bullet points only.

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Thank you :slight_smile:


No, I’m afraid it’s not possible to disable it.

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Proposals for GitLab, the product, are encouraged in the gitlab-org/gitlab project. You can use one of the issue templates, for example

You can create an account on SaaS, and create a new project in your namespace, and test away. If it helps, you can see plenty of playground projects in my profile. Michael Friedrich · GitLab which trigger no-one’s notifications.

I’d suggest starting a proposal issue, and explain the why and alternatives considered.

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I created it. Do you find it right? (I’m not sure about what you call “alternatives”.)

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Thanks. I have edited the issue to emphasize on the task list ordering. This was not clear in this forum topic in the beginning. Also linked to here. Disable ability to make changes to the order of task list items without clicking the edit button (#452262) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab


Why does this feature even exist, do you know? What purpose does it serve? It’s quite broken.

Works for me, I was able to drag and drop bullet points without any problems with formatting.

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Can you try the markdown mentioned here?

Breaks every time, for me, on GitLab SaaS.

Yes that Pro/Con list for me does behave that way. Not specific to Gitlab SaaS since it does it on my own install.