Members of group must have visibility to all projects in group


I’m in the middle of a migration from Github Enterprise to Gitlab. The import of almost 500 repositories went very well.

But now I’m stuck with project and group rights. I want to manage the rights of people with group rights. With that many repo’s, adding members individually to projects does not work. If a member has developer rights to a group, he/she must have the same rights to all of the projects in this group. But somehow, this does not work well in Gitlab.

How can I work this out this way?



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It works as it’s intended to work. If you add a member to a group, then he gets access to the projects of the group.

But there’s a bug. If you add multiple members to a group in 1 action, then not all members get the project rights. I’ll try to reprodure it and file a bug report.