Migrate GIT&SVN from Windows to GITLAB Linux

Hi guys, please some help.
A friend of mine is currently using GIT on WINDOWS platform (GIT SCM running as service on windows) and has 2 repositories. As far as I am familiar they are also using SVN on other Windows server.

I am not very familiar with neither GIT or GITLAB infrastructure.
So far I have managed to create Linux virtual machine with CENTOS7 and deployed fresh GITLAB community edition (following instructions: https://about.gitlab.com/downloads/#centos7).

Now the next step is to migrate 1st GIT to GITLAB, and the 2nd step is to migrate SVN to GITLAB.

Any (noob) step-by-step instructions how to achieve that please, would be more than grateful.
Thanks, with best regards.


Please advise.

Hello @bostjanc!

Thank you for your interest in using GitLab CE.

Well done on managing to create a Linux environment and deploying a fresh GitLab CE instance on it!

We have documentation regarding your two questions:

  1. Migrating projects to a GitLab instance
    You can always import any publicly viewable Git repository via HTTP from the New Project page, also you could copy your local repo by specifying a new remote (being your GitLab CE instance) and pushing to it.

  2. Migrating from SVN to GitLab
    There’s lots of info about migrating specifically from SVN to GitLab in the article I’ve linked.

Hopefully this will provide you with enough information to manage to complete the migration. If not, please reach out, we would be happy to help!

Hi thanks for the reply.
is there by any chance of good tutorial from excactly scm manager?
Those links provide only for other solution (except SVN) and not scm manager :frowning: