Migrate GITLab 6.5.1

Hello there,
I have a GITLab v 6.5.1 installed on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and I trying from more than a week to migrate all the content, projects, users etc to another server.
I already installed the latest version of GITLab (10.6.1) on Ubuntu 16.04.4 but I seems I have some issues on track…

I tried the following types of migration:

  • I backed up all projects and I tried to restore them on the newest server but doesn’t work. Seems must be the same version of git for a restore…
  • I tried to update GITLab on the old server to the latest version of git but doesn’t work because I need to update Ubuntu to another version. Also I tried to upgrade to GIT 6.6 but I receive 502 Bad Gateway nginx and an error when I tried to update GemFile (Ruby Gems…)
  • I succeed to clone a project from a server to another but I have almost 400 projects and this is kind of manual work… and in the same time doesn’t migrate me the users, keys and so on…

Now I trying to clean install gitlab 6.5.1 on Ubuntu 16.4 but I don’t find anymore that version of GitLab, into GIT archives the oldest is GitLab 6.6.0. if I can install gitlab 6.5.1 on the latest Ubuntu server I can restore the backup (of course if that version of gitlab support that version of Ubuntu…) and I could try migrate to another version…
So my question is can I find the version somewhere or can you suggest me any other ways to import the content from the old server to the new one?
Also I tried to clone git Repos from a server to another with git Repo URLs and is working but like I said have almost 400 projects and takes to much to do this migration manual.

I’m opened to other ideas because I got into a panic of ideas…

Thank you for your support,

P.S. All this setting are made in local infrastructure, on local servers.

Also I submitted a request to GITLab Support last week but I still have no answer…


As the export only works with installations of the same version, I would try the following:

1 - Build the image from the Dockerfile (exactly the version you are looking for), find it in this link Dockerfile-v6.5.1.
2 - After having built the image, create the container.
3 - Make sure that the creation of the container shows the gitlab with a base installation.
4 - create the backup in the old installation with gitlab-rake.
5 - Restore the backup in the container with gitlab-rake.
6 - Verify that the backup loaded the data correctly from the gitlab.
7 - Download the gitlab version from the docker hub.
8 - Recreate the container with the new image.
9 - Generate the backup again with gitlab-rake, in the container.
10 - Restore the backup in your new installation.

If you have any questions about the steps to take, let me know.

Hi ,
Could not find the Dockerfile https://gitlab.secushare.org/infrastructure/docker-gitlab/blob/v6.5.1/Dockerfile
Is it moved to another location?

Try with this link v6.5.1

Hi Ariel,
I am getting below error while loading this image

docker load --input docker-gitlab-6.5.1.tar.gz

open /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-import-886620731/docker-gitlab-6.5.1/json: no such file or directory

Hi, sorry for late answer.

pitifully the image is not yet built, before making a “docker load”, you must do a “docker build” and build the image.