Migrate to hosted gitlab

I am self-hosted gitlab however I would like to move to one of the paid hosted plans.

How can I automatically do this for all my Projects/Groups/issues, etc?

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Paulo Matos

That seems what I really want but which hosted GitLab do you use?

Note that Hosted GitLab (formally known as GitHost.io) is not accepting new customers (see https://about.gitlab.com/gitlab-hosted/#not-accepting-new-customers).

Complete import function would be required, but I don’t have any idea to provide us such features.

I actually meant the subscription plans from gitlab.com. Not necessarily githost.io which looks like a great idea but I was too late to the party.

OK, I think I pretty much figured out that you need to do this project-by-project to go self-hosted -> hosted. Going self-hosted -> self-hosted is much easier.

I moved from self-hosted gitlab to using private repos on https://gitlab.com/

It’s easy. Export each repo from your self-host, then import it into gitlab. It’s not quite automatic, but it works flawlessly

Once you’ve done the migration, you can get each person with a clone of each repo to do

 git remote set-url origin git@gitlab.com/whatever-repo-name

and the next push or pull or whatever will go to the new copy.

It works great. Gitlab CE is always getting updated, but on gitlab.com they handle it for us.


@pmatos Happy to see it’s already resolved. In case you need in future … we provide migration as-as-service, and we also provide subscription licenses of GitLab … http://almtoolbox.com/gitlab