Migration from CVS to Git


I’m planning to migrate CVS repository to GitLab.
I tried to use cvs2git. but I couldn’t find the site to download cvs2git(cvs2svn).

I also tried to use gir cvsimport, but I could not find the site where I can get git-cvs 2.27 for RHEL8.

Does anybody know from which site I can download cvs2git or git-cvs 2.27 for RHEL8 ?

If there are alternatives to cvs2git, I’d like to know, too.



it seems that https://github.com/mhagger/cvs2svn is the semi-official new home of a backup of the old tigris website which was shutdown. I’m not sure if it will work though with its dependency on Python 2 (deprecated).

I’ve also found a Docker image with a script called cvs2git-migrator - Repository at https://github.com/akshmakov/cvs2git-migrator Could be worth a shot.

Maybe you can make cvs2svn work, this worked reliably in the past decade to migrate old projects to Git platforms. An idea would be to create a custom Docker image which provides the Python 2 cvs2svn installation, and you just run the migration on your RHEL8 host inside a container.



Thank you very much !
I’ll get cvs2git from github and try .


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