Migration of Legacy Storage failed


I am trying to upgrade my GitLab instance to version 14.x but it fails because my storage isn’t completely migrated to hashed storage.
I tried to initilise the migration but in sidekiq log I get the following (see below) error messages for 102 of my repositories… the error message isn’t very helpfull for debugging that :confused:

Any ideas how to fix it? I am on version 13.12.9


{“severity”:“ERROR”,“time”:“2021-08-20T09:27:07.568Z”,“message”:“Repository cannot be moved from ‘OPSI/CreatBot_CreatWare’ to ‘@hashed/23/97/2397346b45823e070f6fc72ac94c0a999d234c472479f0e26b30cdf5942db854’ (PROJECT_ID=190)”}
{“severity”:“ERROR”,“time”:“2021-08-20T09:27:07.541Z”,“message”:“Repository cannot be moved from ‘OPSI/zoom-client’ to ‘@hashed/bf/a7/bfa7634640c53da7cb5e9c39031128c4e583399f936896f27f999f1d58d7b37e’ (PROJECT_ID=182)”}
{“severity”:“ERROR”,“time”:“2021-08-20T09:27:07.570Z”,“message”:“Repository cannot be moved from ‘OPSI/microsoft-teams’ to ‘@hashed/38/b2/38b2d03f3256502b1e9db02b2d12aa27a46033ffe6d8c0ef0f2cf6b1530be9d8’ (PROJECT_ID=187)”}
{“severity”:“ERROR”,“time”:“2021-08-20T09:27:07.556Z”,“message”:“Repository cannot be moved from ‘OPSI/paessler-prtg-desktop’ to ‘@hashed/b8/ae/b8aed072d29403ece56ae9641638ddd50d420f950bde0eefc092ee8879554141’ (PROJECT_ID=183)”}

Hi @BiasF, welcome to the GitLab Community forum! :tada:

Sorry your upgrade is failing.

Can run the following commands on your GitLab server and verify if the problem persists?

sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:storage:migrate_to_hashed

If that does not resolve the problem, I suggest taking a backup of your instance and trying the workaround here: https://gitlab.com/-/snippets/2039252

I hope this helps, let us know how it goes!


I tried both but it doesn’t help.
The Migration stuck at 102 Repositories :confused:


I found the cause.

The repositories in the group OPSI were on a other harddisk and a collegue created a symlink for that.
Symlinks will prevent the storage migration from legacy storage to hashed storage.

After moving the files to the same disk like all other repositories the migration was finished as expected.

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