Milestones or Iterations

I am new to GitLab and I am evaluating it for use as an Agile Planning tool. I am an experienced Agile Coach and I am starting my learning with Scrum.

Something that threw me from the start is the difference between Milestones and Iterations. It seems like Milestones have been around for a while and Iterations is a new feature in the product. To spread up my learning cand you please advise the best approach for Scrum. Milestones or Iterations.

I’m on a content team that loosely follows Scrum and uses Gitlab for project management. Iterations are equivalent to sprints. You date-range them, and they’ll display a burndown chart for all the issues you assigned to it.

Milestones can also be date-ranged and show a burndown, but they’re better used as landmarks for a given product-- i.e., Prototype Completed, Production Completed; 50 Hours of Content Uploaded.

We started off using milestones for our sprints, but because an issue can only have 1 milestone at a time, we’re having trouble getting big-picture views on our production, esp knowing when we’ve achieved some big steps. We’re finding that iterations better suit our process.