Minio Gitlab CE Helm Chart Registry Size

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My main problem is I’m not sure how Minio works because the Minio comes with Gitlab Helm chart is filling up. When I check the space inside the pod the registry container is around 60 GB, but when I check the space used from Project (GitLab container registry administration | GitLab) in the registry side the use amount is only 30 GB, looks like Minio y duplicating the use, maybe versioning or something else, but in the chart I can not change nothing inside the minio options.

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    I don’t know why im seeing double use of space in the Minio when in Gitlab its a half
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But the total amount when I run this GitLab container registry administration | GitLab in gitlab-console its only 30 GB

How that is possible? Are there any way to no dpulicate the info. I search something about versioning but I cannot change anything inside the values chart of minio

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  • Self-managed v15.11.13


  • GitLab (Web: /help or self-managed system information): webservice-6.11.13
  • GitLab Runner, if self-hosted (Web /admin/runners or CLI gitlab-runner --version): gitlab-runner-0.51.1


  • Helm: version.BuildInfo{Version:“v3.14.1”, GitCommit:“e8858f8696b144ee7c533bd9d49a353ee6c4b98d”, GitTreeState:“clean”, GoVersion:“go1.21.7”}
  • Ansible: ansible [core 2.15.8]


  • Kubernetes (kubectl version): 1.26.11 rke2r1

One more thing, today many DEVs delete some tags from Container registries and projects, but the size from the minio, from the PVC never decrease.

I check the size via GitLab container registry administration | GitLab and now I can see the size for many projects decrease but this not happend in the PVC.

What about this? Is it possible to delete the data delete from the projects or something like that?