Mirrored Pull Repository Error

I’ve run into this issue several times now. I have mirrored a repository from GitHub to GitLab via a CI/CD project. Everything works properly and jobs run perfectly for a day or two. After some time though, jobs stop running. When I look at the repo mirroring settings, I can see that there was an error:


Unfortunately there’s no further information. My only option thus far has been to constantly remove the project, re-add the project, and then re-configure my private runners every time.

Hey @CrshOverride, sorry to hear about the issue. We’ve been seeing a few reports of this specific error message with mirroring lately. There’s an open issue here for it where it’s being investigated. I’ve added this topic as an example there for visibility.

Feel free to give that issue a thumbs up so that you’re notified of any updates and add any comments that you feel would help the discussion.

Could you share which project is encountering this issue? Project ID is fine.

Project ID is now 12370071 (just removed and re-sync’d).

After reading the other ticket, it sounds like this is the same issue. We re-use the production tag to run our production deployment pipeline which requires a --force. I’m guessing that’s what happens immediately before GitLab can no longer sync.