Missing link in commit overview if the commit message was empty

In the past our projects used SVN which did not really care about empty commit messages. And as every developer will do whatever the tool allows him to do, we now have a bunch of empty commits imported like this:

Now my “natural” reaction seeing this would be to open the difference view of such a commit to read from the code what actually happened. But it turns out that the only place this is linked is on the commit message itself (e.g. “Runtime Kali 2.22” here). So I can not reach the diff view of that commit via the UI.
Once I figured out why I keep clicking all over the place and can’t reach the view I expected to see the workaround is quite manageable: You just copy the SHA string, open a commit WITH message and replace the String. But to have this link somewhere else, maybe behind the which in the moment unfolds to show the reference to SVN, would be a big help none the less.