Multi-pipeline project problem with links to output

Problem: about multi-pipeline project and issue with an icon in graph-view of the CI-CD pipeline

What Happens:
The icon displayed when clicking on the e2e stage’s icon shown above should link to the output created by that process located in another pipeline (via trigger/bridge), but does not.

In pipeline A - I trigger the stage (tagged e2e) shown above from pipeline B When the pipeline finished, I get what is displayed above. All of the stages have an icon and all but the stage triggered from the other project’s pipeline successfully link to that stages output.

What doesn’t work: is the icon for the stage in the graph view of Pipeline A. It shows the red x icon in the popup window, which usually means the stage failed.

Things I checked:
I navigated to Pipeline B’s CI/CD > jobs page to make sure the job got run and found that it did. I clicked the e2e stage link there and see the log output.

I made sure the group that Pipeline B is part of is shared with the group that Pipeline A’s project belongs to so it should not be a file permissions issue.

I assume that when Pipeline A calls on the stage in Pipeline B, that it will be executed on the runner that called it into play (the runner pipeline A is running on)
I also assume that I do not need to include an absolute path to the triggered project, that gitlab knows that the base directory for any project belongs is named according to the group that project belongs to. If a group is shared with another, it knows how to reach the group’s project, given the base path for that group.

Pipeline A project path [group_name]/[project_name]:

Pipeline A: gitlab-ci.yml snippets (the top where the stages are listed and the chunk where the stage is configured).


  • e2e-test

ENV: test
stage: e2e-test
allow_failure: true
project: /qa/e2e-tests
strategy: depend
branch: master

Pipeline B project path [group_name]/[project_name]:

Pipeline B: gitlab-ci.yml snippet - stage that pipeline A calls on

Post Test Deploy - REPS:
stage: post REPS deploy
- $WHICH_TESTS_TO_RUN == “reps”
SUITE: reps
- BUILD_NO=$SUITE npm run test:reps
- kubernetes

We are running GitLab Enterprise Edition [12.9.2-ee]