Multi project pipelines: Run jobs in upstream pipeline after the bridge job for the downstream pipeline

Hi folks,
I’m administrating a couple of websites which we want to deploy within docker containers. All of these websites basically use the same nginx and php container configuration. The idea is to create base projects for both container types so these container images can be reused for the deployment of all of these websites.
In the website specific gitlab-ci.ymls there a three stages: On for creating artifacts to be used in later stages, a build stage and a deploy stage. The build stage mainly consists of the two bridge jobs to start the build process of the base containers which look like this:

  stage: build
    project: .../docker-php
    branch: stage
    strategy: depend

When running the pipeline the bridge jobs run successfully, the containers are being built but the following deployment job which would pull the built container images from the base containers repositories and run my compose.yml to deploy the containers will not start.
Is this even possible? Can the upstream pipeline continue with the next job after the downstream pipelines have succeeded? If not what would be a good way to use base images in multiple projects without having them stored in each project’s own container registry?

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I found my error. I had accidentally set an “only” restriction for the deploy job which was still referencing the main branch and not the feature branch.

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