Multiple git processes on 100% CPU

My gitlab (CE, 10.5.4) is running inside a VM.
It spawns up to 9 git processes plus 1 gzip and 1 bzip2 process which each take 100% CPU. This causes the host to have a load of up to 200+ until I simply restart gitlab. A few hours later, it’s the same problem.

I’ve checked all the logfiles in /gitlab-rails and the only problem I could find were 5 out of around 100 runners that can’t connect due to a wrong config that will be fixed within the next hours.

Any idea what else I could check or what could be the problem?

Some kind of update, and - in my opinion - a very strange behavior.
It’s the second time now I saw gitlabs processes turn from 9x 100% CPU to everything close to 0, causing the load on the server to drop from values like 200 to 0.5. Pretty much like it just restarted itself.

Still got this problem. Any idea?