Multiple pipelines for same repo

I understand the pipeline is defined via the gitlab-ci.yml file.
So this would mean there can only be one pipeline per repo?
Is it possible to have more than one, if so, how?



I have the same situation. I tried different ways but got this:

I can’t find nothing about it in documentation.

My situation is:
There are projects, ex. proj1 and proj2 with the same code base.
But proj2 has some differences, ex. logo and haven’t tests.
When building proj2 i change only logo and add tests.

I want to get something like this:

Have you any progress of your problem?

Basically, you can specify which branch you want a stage to run on by doing


  • branchABC

In this case, this stage would only run when something pushed to branch called branchABC

You can do so.
The same without branches.
I solved the problem in this way. I have created several stages:


  • build_proj1
  • test_proj1
  • deploy_proj1
  • build_proj2
  • deploy_proj2`

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@Mikasa unfortunately, that doesn’t seem scalable. What if i’ll have 10+ microservices?