Multiple pull requests on the same branch


I’m pretty new to Gitlab and we’re rolling it out to our dev team.

I have come from a Git & Gerrit environment where you would be able to put up lots of reviews of the same branch. We want to get into the habit of lots of small reviews. However we’re unlikely to merge until a feature is complete.

So my question is how can I achieve the same functionality via pull requests.



We don’t use Gerrit – but as far as I know you can continue to use Gerrit.

Gitlab does have its own review system - “Merge Requests”. Each commit can be it’s own Merge Requests, and a review able action. You can also narrow it down to review by file for each commit.

Although again gitlab have their own strategy, there is also a ‘git flow’ strategy which is what we use and works very well with Merge Requests.

Thanks for this.

After having a play around with the merge request we realised that the merge request is updated when the branch is updated.