My company's name is takenup as a group by another user, How can I request to release that?

My company’s name is used as a groupname by another user, who is not associated with my company. I think it is created accidently, he is not using it, and he would be happy to delete that group, if I request him. How can I raise such a request? Does gitlab in anyway help me to interact with him?

@sajith Unless you already know who to contact, there isn’t a way for you to reach them. We do maintain a dormant namespace policy that you could attempt to take advantage of if that namespace is actually dormant.

Please feel free to submit a support ticket if you’d like to go that route.

Hi @Tristan, thank you for the information.

My institution got the privilege to be accepted in the Education Program.
Unfortunately we ant to use a group name that is already taken but seems dormant.
I asked to be included in the group to get in contact with the owner but got no response so far.
In which category should I open a ticket ?

Thank you !

Hey @mahdi.benjelloul, sure thing. When you submit a ticket just select the (SaaS) User Accounts and Login Issues category and you’ll then be asked to provide the name of the group that you’d like to claim.